When to Call in a Professional About Your Septic Tank

Septic tanks are very common for homeowners and need to be taken seriously as sewer systems can be very costly if they are damaged to the point of a replacement. In order to avoid having to replace your sewer system be sure to look out key signs of your septic tank failing such as puddles forming on your lawn, greener grass than normal, and an odd smell coming from the drains in your home. Keep in mind that doing repairs on your own can also put you at risk for spending more money on breaking parts or missing something a professional with any septic tank repairs north port fl could have spotted out.

Greener Grass Than Usual

Although we all love green grass on our lawns, sometimes it is not always a thing of beauty. As a homeowner, you need to keep an eye for things like this as it could mean that your septic tank is backed up and spilling on to your lawn. Before admiring your newfound green grass, be sure to call septic services to come in and take a look at the tank to make sure that it is not backed up or a pipe is broken.

Watching Out for Different Smells in Your Drains

If you are standing by your porch and notice a foulĀ odor coming from the lawn, there is a good possibility you have a septic field problem. This could be caused by improper installation or even just the old age of the tank that now needs to be replaced. Once you notice this odor and see that it does not go away within a few days time, you should call a professional to come in to see if the smell is in fact due to a septic issue.

Puddles Forming on The Lawn

When it hasn’t rained in days or weeks and you noticeĀ puddles starting to form across your yard, your septic tank is most likely backed up and starting to spill over onto the grass. Although the sewer water can do your grass good, it does not mean that the puddles will not start to grow larger and start flooding your garden beds. Instead of waiting to the point where the sewage is reaching your garden, contact someone right away to come in and assess your entire sewer system to see why the water is puddling up around your house.

Owning a home means you need to keep an eye out for certain things happening around your houses such as unusual green grass, puddles on the lawn, and odd smells coming from the yard. These three signs usually indicate there is a problem with your septic system which will need to be fixed immediately to avoid further damage. If you wait to long with septic system problems, there is the possibility that you will have to replace the entire system which can cost thousands of dollars. So before you go ahead and clear out your bank account for repairs, take care of the problem right away with septic tank services.