Tips to Make Packing Easier Before the Movers Arrive

Moving into a bigger home or relocating to another region is always exciting. Packing for the move, on the other hand, is usually the most dreaded task. There are many things a person can do before the movers arrive to help reduce their workload on moving day.

Pack Well in Advance

Procrastinating is something most people are guilty of at one time or another. Too many people put off packing their belongings until right before the moving company arrives. Unfortunately, last minute packing is often more stressful than preparing in advance.

Try to start packing a few weeks before moving day. During this time, be sure to get rid of anything that isn’t being used. Less stuff means fewer boxes to pack. Keep in mind how much space the new place has. When downsizing, it’s especially important to prioritize what to pack and what to sell.

Pack Smart

Remember that everything that gets put into a box will be unpacked once it arrives at its new destination. Be sure to label every box so there’s no guessing when it comes time to unpack. This will also help the moving company know where to put each box in the new home.

All fragile items should be wrapped in either packing paper or bubble wrap. Don’t overfill the boxes. Items are more likely to get damaged if the boxes are stuffed full. Heavy boxes are more likely to be dropped. Consider taping shut drawers and cabinets on furniture to prevent them from opening en route.

Ask for Help

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when packing. Don’t hesitate to ask friends and family to help with the process. One person may help by picking up moving supplies, such as boxes or tape. Another could offer to label boxes and take inventory of the items inside.

Don’t try to finish everything in one day. Instead, invite friends over on several occasions to help, and tackle only a few projects at a time. Have a strong friend help to move heavier items. A well-organized friend would be best suited for packing smaller items and family keepsakes.

Taking time with a move is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly. Remember to begin the packing process early, and never rush through it. By organizing every box, it will be much easier to unpack once the move is complete.