Bed Bugs are One of the Toughest Insects to Control

One of the trickiest bugs to control is bed bugs. While their name may sound like a cuddly, comforting sort of creature, they are nothing short of a blood-sucking nuisance with you as their primary food source. These tiny, fast-moving pests are hard to get rid of and can live up to year.

How to Identify a Bed Bug 

Signs you are experiencing a bed bug infestation are either by seeing them or spotting signs they are present. They are a brownish insect not much bigger than an apple seed and most active at night. A sign they are present is spotting black fecal stains on your sheets or other fabrics or waking up with marks from their bites. Bud bugs will leave multiple red, itchy bite marks on your skin. Their bite resembles that of many other insect types, so the bite mark alone is not sufficient evidence of them being in your bed.

Where do they Live?

The bed bug feeds on blood and looks for places where there is a good supply such as your home or office. They can eat the blood from animals but have proven to prefer human blood over that of animals. Since they like their environment to be warm, these insects will look for bedding or sleeping areas.
All fifty of the United States can provide a suitable climate for the bed bug. They thrive in urban areas as this is the easiest for finding more food supply, but they can also exist in the countryside.
While these pests hold the title of ‘Bed Bugs’, they can also live in your kitchen, bathroom and other dark, dry, and secure areas. These insects love searching for foods in dark areas, so the bedroom is not their only choice of environments.

Gentle Biters 

The bite from the bed bug is gentle enough so as not to wake you from sleep while they feast on your blood. This soft bite is possible due to the anesthetic substance in their saliva that makes it nearly painless. What you will notice are the red, itchy areas appearing when you wake.

Marks on Your Bedding 

Other than waking with irritating bite marks, you can also see signs of bed bugs by the dark marks they will leave on your bedding. Look at your pillows, sheets, and mattress for dark spots they leave behind. These marks are their fecal matter left behind while they feast upon your blood as you sleep.
These bugs are not something you want to live with. If you notice activity indicative of a bedbug huntington wv infestation, you will want to contact a professional to exterminate these pests quickly and thoroughly from your living space. The more dark spots you see on your furniture and linens indicates the infestation is increasing in volume.

Hard to Exterminate

The bedbug is one of the most resistant insects on the globe. They are able to go for months without a food source which makes them hard to exterminate unless using a harsh chemical. Professional exterminators understand their living habits and know which chemicals to use to safely but thoroughly to remove them from your home.
The female is capable of laying five eggs a day. This reproduction cycle explains how just a couple of bugs can soon become an infestation. One female laying five eggs a day for her life means she is bringing more than 500 bugs into your home with just her cycles. The bedbug is notorious for hiding in difficult and unthought of places. They can hide in your purse, wallet and even your suitcase which may explain how they showed up in your home since returning from a vacation.